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Alrighty kids! Listen up! Dapper Day is coming and we’ve got to be ready. I’m packing right now so I thought I’d give you a reference of the things I’ll have on my person in some way. If it’s in a purse or a locker or is on me in some way, it’s in the photo. You can add or subtract whatever you like! This is just my personal preference. You may use this as a checklist before you leave or as a friendly reminder of something that may have slipped your mind. Hope it’s helpful! See you Friday, Dappers!

These are in absolutely no particular order, I kind of started on the right and moved clockwise- 

  • Lip Balm with an SPF - This is pretty self-explanatory but if you have lips, you have a part of you that’s prone to sun damage. Ladies, if you have a lip color on, there’s not much this can do for you, but Gentleman and bare-lipped Ladies you can and should use this! Keep in a purse or pocket that you can get to easily.
  • Advil or some other ibuprofen - I make a point to carry some kind of ibuprofen with me pretty much any time I leave the house. You’d hate to have a headache ruin a few of your precious Disney hours, and last I checked a pack of two pills was more expensive than two pills should be within the parks. Not fun. I also like to have an ibuprofen specifically to combat swollen feet and sunburn.
  • Sharpie or pen - You always need a pen.
  • Camera - Of course you want to document your memories! Make sure it’s fully charged! 
  • Moleskin - Ever wonder how movie sets can throw actors into brand new shoes (that are often not perfect fits) without blisters running rampant on set? Well there you go, friends. Moleskin is a life saver. You can either put it in the shoes you plan to wear ahead of time, targeting the areas most susceptible to pain, or carry a few cut-to size* strips on you in case of emergencies. 
  • Blister Treatment Pads - I’ve honestly never used these and they just seem like expensive band-aids, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try them as a last resort should the moleskin fail me. 
  • Bandana or hair scarf - I like to carry one of these bad boys around just in case my hair starts getting too difficult to maintain. Just triangle tie it up and it’s out of sight, out of mind! 
  • Deodorant - It’s going to be crazy hot so I’m not taking any chances when it comes to pit stains. I really like my dress and I’m going to be sweating in it enough as it is. 
  • Sunglasses - Just bring them. Just in case. For me?
  • Pomade or tiny hairspray - For fly-aways and any hair maintenance you may want to do throughout the day. 
  • Nail File**- When my nails are longer, I break them all the time. The last thing you want is to snag something you’re wearing or worse, someone else with that razor-sharp edge that somehow results every time this happens. 
  • Shoe Insoles - I’ve been testing another pair of these out for a few days now and I like them! What’s not to like about being more comfortable? Just be aware that they may affect the fit of your shoes. 
  • Clear Nail Polish - Run in your stockings? NOT ANYMORE, SON!
  • Touch-up Lip Color - Because nothing lasts forever.
  • Comb - It’s a comb! Yay! 
  • Touch-up Concealer/anything else - Bring anything you may want to refresh at some point during the day. Your makeup is going to take a beating. Fight back! 
  • Bobby Pins - Just in case! You may have to re-secure your hair style after a crazier ride. You never know. I’ve been asked if I had spares of these in the bathroom on regular Disney park days, so you can imagine how many people may be missing them on Dapper Day. If they ask nicely, you can give them a couple. 
  • Hair Tie - There is no shame in deciding this is the way to stop worrying about how your hair looks and start having fun. 

*I say cut-to-size meaning “pre-cut”. I don’t recommend bringing scissors into Disney. I don’t think they’re down with that. 

**I don’t believe this nail file works with park policy because of the point. I’ll be keeping it in my hotel room. 

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